Bringing The Stories of Liquor Brands To Life On The Daily Beast

Role: Creative Director

In the spring of 2016, The Daily Beast launched a new Drink+Food food vertical with an emphasis on cocktail culture. The new liquor coverage on the site opened the door to working directly with top liquor brands to bring their stories to life with sponsored videos and articles. My team helped define a unique video approach for working with top bartender talent and brand teams to achieve liquor brands' marketing objectives.

The following videos represent some of the unique approaches used with liquor brands, from historical storytelling to cocktail tutorials.


Grey Goose

We traveled the US pairing bakers and chefs with bartenders to tell the Grey Goose farm-to-bottle story.


We used archival imagery and motion graphics to bring the mysterious history of Fernet to life.

Old Forester

To promote Old Forester whiskey, we created a cocktail demo video with the winner of New York's Old Fashioned Cocktail Competition and another video where we sent a video team to Louisville to highlight Old Forester's role in the revitalization of the city's famed Whiskey Row.


We created a hybrid video pairing cognac's history with instructions on how to work cognac into your next winter party.