Ally Bank / Real Talk: Finance

Role: Creative Director, Concept

Videos and Articles:

Ally Bank wanted to reach older, higher-income millennial customers with a campaign around improving definitions of financial well-being. I drew on the insight that this target are often those who've reached the next stage of their careers who suddenly have the ability to make investments and are open to switching into careers more in line with their passions. 

My team created a content series based around the real, unvarnished stories (positives and negatives) of influential people who'd used financial creativity to start new ventures, change careers, and achieve their own definitions of well-being. The centerpiece of the series were two videos, one with the Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery, Garrett Oliver, who'd transitioned from a legal career to brewing, and one with the co-design directors of the fashion brand Shinola, speaking about how they'd pursued their careers in durable, investment-friendly fashion. The videos recieved 1.3MM views (40% better than average) and 1,257 hours of viewing time (50% better than average).

Garrett Oliver - Brooklyn Brewery

John Truex and Richard Lambertson - Shinola